year: 2017
location: Sofia, Bulgaria
area: 350m2

This is a design concept for a terrace with abundant plant life situated on the top floor of a residential building. The project utilises all of the available space and includes various outdoor activities according to the owner’s requirements.

План на озеленена тераса


Озеленяване на тераса

A fully-furnished kitchen, a barbecue and a dining table are situated in the eastern part of the terrace. Right beside them, there are sunbeds in the grass-covered area, ideal for tanning and relaxing.

Лаундж зона на озеленена тераса

The lounge includes a movie screen and a fireplace. However, the main attraction is a water feature with three levels. Behind it, there are various species of decorative and medium-sized trees.

Джакузи на тераса

The jacuzzi, partially separated from the other areas by thick vegetation, offers a splendid view of the Vitosha mountain. An outdoor shower can be found nearby.

Анализ на ослънчаването

A sun study of the terrace was used to determine the layout and to arrange the spaces and plants.