year: 2011
location: Kavarna, Bulgaria
area: 3 000m2

This summer time villa is located on the rocky shores of the Northern Black Sea coast, near Kavarna. The garden is designed is such a way that the residents may feel most comfortable and enjoy their favourite pastimes (astronomy and organic gardening), while contemplating the breathtaking views of the sea.

Крайбрежна градина - планова композиция

The site plan includes some distinct features such as an observation platform, tiled with a decorative star map, a gazebo, an organic garden, a water cascade and an infinity pool with a jacuzzi.

Крайбрежна градина - Схеми

A program distribution scheme and a movement diagram

Крайбрежна градина - Разрези

Terrain section cuts

Крайбрежна градина - Дендологичен проект

The various plants have been selected according to the specific weather conditions of the area. The majority of them being placed near the perimeter of the estate to ensure a certain privacy. Some particular tree and shrub species have been incorporated as well as a diverse collection of decorative grasses.

Крайбрежна градина - Барбекю с билкова градина

A barbecue with a raised herb garden