year: 2014
location: Sofia, Bulgaria
award: 2nd place

The project Illuminated Capitals consists of an interactive installation of 28 conical lamps that provide information for the various countries of the European Union.

Визуализация на лампите

Day and night renders of the lamps

Чертеж на информационнте осветителни тела

The cone is a 3D shape characterised by greater durability than the cylinder or the prism. This along with the double-layered construction ensures both a resistance to vandalism and longevity.
The lamps incorporate 3 distinct functions – a decorative element, an information board and a light source. The simple design and the laser-cut letters help achieve a lower manufacturing cost.

Схема на разположение на осветителните тела

The lamps have been arranged according to the geographic coordinates of each European capitol. By walking from one to the other, you could learn the distance between them, as each step equals a 100 kilometres.


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