year: 2016
location: Sofia, Bulgaria
area: 10m2

Hundreds of bird figurines in flight transformed a parking lot in the heart of Sofia. Arranged in 3D space to represent a veritable flock, they resembled a big coloured cloud.

 Park(ing) Рoяк - Проект на инсталацията

A sketch with which the Park(ing) Swarm project won the competition for ‘The most original concept for Park(ing) Day 2016’ and a subsidy for its construction.

We chose a parking lot on the Tsar Osvoboditel Boulevard as the location for the installation.

 Park(ing) Рoяк - Перспектива

The miniature birds were all swaying and spinning in the wind – a dance of colour, light and shadows. The flock numbered a 150 strong, half of which flew away to delight their new owners.

 Park(ing) Рoяк - Хартиено пиле

The figurines were made using green and orange paper framed with wire and were all designed by Paper Being artist Svetla Nacheva.

 Park(ing) Рoяк - Посетителите

The installation was visually stimulating – a focus of attention for passers-by and those who had come to visit it specifically alike. The spectators were able to interact with it, walk among the birds and experience a different reality.