year: 2017
location: Sofia, Bulgaria
area: 14 000m2

Oasis Residence Sofia is a gated community with four types of single-family houses, each with its own garden, multi-family residential blocks with parking lots, a chapel and a sports building. The park space is based on a geometric composition of oval shapes. The project concept aims to improve the quality of the site, the comfort and security of its dwellers and to expand the means of recreation in the green areas.

Oaзис резиденс Cофия - въздушна перспектива

An aerial view of the entire complex

Oaзис резиденс Cофия - разрези

The green areas have been designed to resemble a rolling landscape to compensate for the overall monotony of the existing terrain.

Oaзис резиденс Cофия - централно публично пространство

A multi-functional formal public space has been included, which accommodates a green amphitheatre, places to relax and ornamental plants.

Oaзис резиденс Cофия - кино на открито

The green amphitheatre is fit for use during the day – for holding all kinds of venues, as well as during the night – as an outdoor cinema as it has a suitable screen.

Oaзис резиденс Cофия - детайл на лятно кино

Oaзис резиденс Cофия - централна алея

Recreational areas have been provided that include sun beds in the green spaces, which are very practical for reading, relaxing and even work. A running lane with markings for the distance has been added, outlined with seasonal plants with various scents.

Oaзис резиденс Cофия - детска площадка

The site features a children’s playground with an agricultural learning area and two nearby barbecues, one open-air and one enclosed that have a fully-furnished kitchen and a table for 20 people.

Oaзис резиденс Cофия - кът за детско земеделие

The agricultural learning area is a prominent element of the design concept. There, through the means of different activities and games, children can learn about various plants and the ways to grow them.

Oaзис резиденс Cофия - детайл на детска площадка

The children’s playground includes a designer structure by Tom Otterness – an American sculptor.