year: 2015
location: Sofia, Bulgaria
area: 3 367 878m2
award: 2nd place

The main points of the project are: restoring the authentic look of the Borisova Gradina Reserve, the balanced development of areas for sport and recreation, transforming the buffer zone into a contemporary urban park, reconstructing and developing the Dendrarium Reserve, rehabilitating the forest park, creating good conditions for active and passive relaxation as well as providing new entrances from Srebarna street and Todor Kableshkov boulevard.

Устройствена концепция за парк Борисова градина.

A spatial-planning concept for the park

Аналитични схеми - парк Борисова градина

Architectural analytical diagrams of the location and its boundaries, the functional zoning, the amenities, the types of transport, the cultural heritage, the problems and conflicts in the area.

Историческо развитие на Борисовата градина

The chronological development of the Borisova Gradina Park from 1892 to 1982

Структуриране на пространствата в лесопарка

A concept for restructuring the spaces in the park by removing the dense shrubbery and saplings in 15-metre-wide margins along the main alleys. This will provide a view deeper into the forest and improve the security and comfort of the visitors.

идея за развитие на периферията на лесопарка

A proposal for developing the areas along the edges of the park by pruning the thick low vegetation, removing withered or diseased specimen and conserving healthy monumental trees as well as those with good potential and aesthetic qualities. This thinning will enable the seeding of grass below the trees and the use of these newly-created green spaces for various recreational activities.

Пример за обособяване на територията по периферията на лесопарка.

An example of redesigning the peripheral zones of the park

Решение за логозната част на парка

A way to conserve wetland forest plants while providing greater accessibility in those areas.

Пример за създаване на съвременни паркови площи.

An illustration of creating contemporary park spaces

Трансформация в градски парк

The idea for transforming the less hospitable parts of the Borisova Gradina into an urban park involves removing some of the low vegetation and constructing retaining walls – 50 cm high. This would better define the spaces and provide a place for respite.

Схема за устойчиво използване на горските ресурси

A concept diagram showcasing the sustainable use of forest resources. The timber collected from sanitary pruning and thinning, necessary to maintain a beautiful and accessible forest park, will be used to create outdoor furniture and structures, sport facilities or wooden chips right on the spot.

Cистема за финансиране

A proposed system for collecting the revenue of the many amenities of the park and using it to directly fund its preservation and development.